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explanation of doko in Japanese

Explanation of doko

At previous post I says main meaning of doko is where, it's usually use to asking place, asking home, and some time have meaning what but still have relation with place.

Below some example "how and when doko is used"

1.      to obtain place or showing location.

Particles ni


Kimura san ga doko ni sunde imasuka?

Where is Mr. Kimura living?

Particles de


Doko de aimasuka

Where shall we meet?

Particles e (he)


Yasumi no toki doko e ikimasuka?

Where you going when holiday?


2. use with demo "anywhere"

Particle demo

今日は どこへ行きますか。

(どこでも 良いよ。)

Kyou wa doko e ikimasuka?

(doko demo iiyo)

Where (we) going now?

(Anywhere it's OK)


3.      use before desu, to asking "where.."


Eki wa doko desuka.

Where is the station?


4.      possessive particle no


Doko no densya ni norimasuka?

what train do you take?


5.      subyek and particle ga


Kono apa-to ha doko ga yokunai desuka.?

Where of this apartment isn't good?



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