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Basic Asking Question 5W+2H in Japanase

1. Doko : Where?
Example: テブル どこですか。
Teburu doko desu ka. (Where is the table?)
Dimanakah letak meja?

2. Nani/Nan : What?
Example: 何ですか 
Nan desu ka. (What is it?)
Ada apa?
Nani wo shimasuka (what are you doing?)
Apa yang sedang kau kerjakan?

3. Dare : Who?
Example: だれですか
Dare desu ka. (Who is it?)

4. Siapa?
Dare no kaban desuka (whom bag is it?)
Tas siapa ini?

5. Naze : Why?
Example: なぜ ですか。
Naze desu ka. (Why is it?)
 Kenapa ?

6. Itsu : When ?
Densya wa Itsu kimasu ka. (When does the train arrive?)
Kapan KRL tiba?

7. Do/Ikaga : How?
ごはん は ど ですか。
gohan wa do desu ka. (How is the rice?)
Bagaimana (rasa) nasinya?

8. Ikura : How Much?
いくら ですか。
Example: Ikura desu ka. (How much is it?)
Berapa (harganya)


Himuro Yukina said...

Arigatou ne XD
kyaaaa,,,,,,,,,,,,, <3
i always follow your turtorial i like this blog very much
heheheh ,,, ^o^

Hime Hikaru said...

Hmm.. So Good ^^

Tomo S said...

Hi. I'm Japanese.

Well, for the " 1: Where is the table?", we say the table as テーブル. And in this case, "テーブルはどこですか?" sounds more natural.

I hope it helps :)

Amos Ong said...

For the first example you wrote in ROMANJI "Teburu doko desu ka." but your Japanese character has a "te" in the middle. Mungkin typo ya, mbak ya?

Amos Ong said...

Sori, sori, in second example, you have 何をしてますか。 Nani wo shimasuka, your hiragana has a "て" mistyped in the middle. O, terima kasih ya, buat semua blog buat kita bisa belajar bhs Jepang.

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Paulo Pineda said...

Thank you for this basic tutorial!

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